1 Educational Website – we propose to develop a website using an appealing and beautiful template which is mobile friendly to support smooth running on mobile devices, tablets and also computers with secured architecture that shall ensure the website is protected from hackers. We shall also add website backup and restore tool to ensure the website and database can be backed up periodically.

A search engine friendly Website to allow search engine spiders to easily index and rank the website properly. This shall ensure website is easily located when people search information relating to school or admissions.

We also integrate the website with social media accounts e.g. Facebook and Twitter, this shall ensure the website is vibrant and people can ask questions and get assistance on social media.

2 Educational Portal and Result Processing Software - we propose to develop easy to use and secured Educational Portal where student can apply for admission, upload files and pay for any necessary applicable fees and an offline result processing computer software  that Lecturer can install on their computer to prepare students' result offline either on departmental bases and uploading it to the School central result portal where Students shall be able to access (using username and password or Student ID) their exam reports, admission status,  fees/balances and more details as may be required by the School.

3  Dynamic Information Management Systems (IMS) – we propose to develop offline or online dynamic information Management Systems for (Human Resource (HR), Front Desk, Hostel, Procurement, Security etc.) with easy to use content management system which allows the users to easily update the content independently with basic computer knowledge.

4  Banking System - we propose to develop to a secured banking system where students or any individual can have a valid and approved Nigeria Uniform Bank Account Number (NUBAN) under the School, money can be transferred to the bank account number using any bank’s Unstructured Supplementary Service Data  (USSD) and banking apps at any time and their balance will be credit immediately on success transfers.

This banking System will also be associated with Teller Management Software (TMS) that anyone can use to  manage transaction like withdraws and deposits at the branch and app student or any individual can use to do transactions online.

5   File Management System - we propose to develop dynamic File Management Systems that can work both offline and online, can automatically backup files and folder(s) on cloud from computer, and ease file sharing tools with staff and clients.

6 Communicating Software – we propose to develop communicating and contacts management software with a short message service (SMS) gateway and Email gateway to facilitate the School send periodical messages (SMS/Email) to the parents or target groups. These services shall assist the School improve on communication or increase the marketing channels.

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